About us

A little about the face behind the name ...

Sylvi GiulianiCaemho Comms is owned and operated by South African born Sylvi Giuliani, who has been involved in the UK media production industry since 2006.

Having Sylvi running one of your projects usually means that you can take a breath, lean back and relax, because she will eat, sleep and dream your project until it is complete, to your specification, on time and within budget!

She says: "Running a media project, no matter how small or how big, is like taking a large dose of adrenaline for me. I love nothing better than to take a mere idea and create a striking piece of media with it. I relish the journey from the simplest beginnings of concepts and ideas, through planning and development, to delivery of rich, striking, powerful pieces of media. This industry is the most satisfying, demanding and fun place to be, in this age of media technology!"