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Project management, Localisation, Copywriting, Scripting, Animations, Computer hardware and Digital Signage ...

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Having the right person running your media project is vital to its success. Passionate and driven, when Caemho manages a project or produces a piece of media, you can be assured that your project receives the highest attention to detail. Whether you need us to produce your media from start to finish or simply to manage it on your behalf with an agency, your project will always receive our full dedication and commitment.

Do you want to bring your product to life? Creating a 3D model of your product and animating it will enhance your video or website and add that something extra to your product promotion.

Want to add a little 'zing' to your communications? Why not create a game to send to your clients or suppliers? If you have the budget, we can create a bespoke game for your company. Or we can customise a stock game for you with your logo and company information. Put a smile on your clients' faces with a little fun!

We offer scripting services, either creating a new script or consultation on an existing script, as well as textual storyboarding.

For Foreign Language localisation services we offer transcription services, translations by native speakers, voice over recordings and subtitling services.

Digital Signage Solutions

Getting your message across to your potential client base is an ongoing process. Many companies are making use of the time they have their clients' captive attention when in their offices to relay important messages to them about their business offering by means of digital display systems. Caemho will provide both the media and the hardware required to run your digital signage solution in your reception area, conference room, instore or anywhere where you require it.

We can supply the media player, usually an industrial computer designed specifically to handle playing media at HD quality, as well as the screens that will convey your message. Please email Sylvi with your enquiry or call on 07962 606938.